Transformational Coaching

Align with the Truth of Who You Are + What You Can Become

Why This Type of Coaching?

Transformational Coaching involves helping my clients better themselves and their lives by bringing about necessary change. This work focuses on changing perception of self-image, releasing and healing from traumatic experiences, and altering beliefs around the Self and limitations.

As a Transformational Coach, I bring many important characteristics into the equation to support my clients. I offer a safe space and personal connection that is motivational, inspirational, understanding, and non-judgmental. I am fully present with my client during our session, as well as available for continued support after session work.

Based on independent goals, clients experience many of the following:

  • Connecting with their own intuition and internal guidance.
  • Addressing, clearing, and healing traumatic experiences.
  • Removing internal conflict to gain certainty and clarity.
  • Releasing negative thought patterns and negotiating new healthy beliefs.
  • Influencing relationships and situations towards more positive outcomes.
  • Establishing goals, calming anxiety around them, and moving towards achieving them.
  • Supporting healthier choices, creating better outcomes, and improving communication.
  • On-Going Monthly Commitment

    Transformational Coaching requires consistency, as well as a specific frequency of sessions each month. As things improve for you, the amount of sessions needed will decrease and eventually turn into a once a month maintenance plan. It is important to choose a starting monthly plan that meets your current needs. I offer twice monthly for those with moderate needs and four times monthly for those at a high level of need. This schedule allows for self care time every month to reset your mind through rest and the practicing of what you have been working on.

    Please schedule a Discovery Session, so that we can assess which monthly session plan works best for your current needs.


  • Must be ready for life to be new and different.
  • Must believe in the power of the mind.
  • Must have the desire to let go of negativity.
  • Must desire positive outcomes in life.
  • Must be committed to rising above current circumstances.
  • All religions and belief systems are welcome with the caveat that you must have a healthy understanding of how these religions are just reflections of Universal Energy as the greater whole — meaning that one religion’s views are simply translated beliefs and not the only truth. A belief in a universal supportive energy will help support your work, but is not necessary.

    This session work occurs on all levels at once: mental, chemical, physical, and energetic. It is deep and transformative.

    Coaching Plans

    If you are ready to start a self care routine that will elevate your life in as little as 3 months, please select your plan below.

    Option 1

    * Two 60-Minute Sessions per Month
    * Three-Month Commitment
    * Continue Month-to-Month (Optional)
    Pay $417 Monthly

    * Pay Three-Month Commitment in Full
    * One FREE 30-Minute Coaching Session
    Full Payment $1,251

    Option 2

    * Two 90-Minute Sessions per Month
    * Three-Month Commitment
    * Continue Month-to-Month (Optional)
    Pay $617 Monthly

    * Pay Three-Month Commitment in Full
    * One FREE 60-Minute Coaching Session
    Full Payment $1,851

    Option 3

    * Four 60-Minute Sessions per Month
    * Three-Month Commitment
    * Continue Month-to-Month (Optional)
    Pay $817 Monthly

    * Pay Three-Month Commitment in Full
    * One FREE 90-Minute Coaching Session
    Full Payment $2,451

    A note about why this work is so important.
    Not realizing dreams can have quite a negative effect on a person: feeling as though they have not accomplished what they have set out to do in life. This can leave someone disappointed, frustrated, and possibly depressed. When we realize our dreams, the effect is quite the opposite: we feel happier and more fulfilled in life and are able to share this joy with others. Dreams are unique to every individual and the results of this work will bring you closer to the happiness you seek.

    This work will help you clear away bad habits, negative self-image, bad attitudes, and perceived limitations. This work will help you reframe and focus on positive talents and abilities, putting past failures to rest, charging forward with new goals for improved results in all areas of life, and transforming into the amazing person that you were always meant to be.

    This type of coaching work will support you to reach goals faster than you would doing it alone and have a more fulfilling life. Tools and insight are offered for healthier relationships, as well as to improve career trajectory and provide insight to any financial problems you may be facing. This work is deep and transformative, because it touches on many therapeutic modalities for the mind, body, and spirit and combines them to create a unique experience for every client.

    Schedule a Complementary Discovery Session to learn more about how we can work together to help you reach your goals.
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    Tues + Wed + Thur
    1 PM – 7 PM PST
    All work is preformed remotely via Zoom with client present. It is advised to find yourself in a safe space where you can comfortably be in a receptive state.


    We meet for our session virtually using Zoom. Please make sure you are in a private, safe space where you will not be interrupted for the duration of our session and that you have a stable internet connection. It is ideal to have water and tissue nearby, as each person processes this work in their own way.

    After Love

    Once you’ve experienced your energy session, it is requested that you take amazing care of yourself for the 7 days following, while your being adjusts to the work performed. It is recommended to revisit the session’s audio recording at least once during this time.