Terms and Conditions of Service

Paid Sessions and Prepayment

All sessions are pre-paid prior to meeting time, except for free consultations which are provided at no charge to potential clients. All payments are non-refundable. All credits expire one year from the date of payment. A valid credit card and adequate available funding is required to schedule and confirm a session.

Rescheduling (12-Hour Advance)

Clients may reschedule up to 12 hours in advance of an appointment without incurring additional charge. If an emergency strikes and you must cancel close to your scheduled time, please make every effort to notify Ruby as soon as possible. Credit will be applied to your scheduling account for a future session to make up for the session missed.

Stable Connection Requirements

It is highly recommended that you have a stable internet connection and/or cell tower reception. Client-side trouble with the connection during our session is the responsibility of the client. If you would like to test your connection prior to our session, please request a 5-minute demo for setup testing via email to SessionTest@RubyRayne.com

Recording of Sessions

All sessions are provided through Zoom, which allows the use of a computer (audio/video) or a phone to call in (audio only). All sessions are recorded, unless otherwise requested or agreed upon. You will receive a digital copy for your personal use.

It is helpful to revisit the audio from your session after about a month of time passing. It can greatly increase your awareness in how your life has improved.