StarPsyche Session

Align with Purpose, Passion, and Desire

StarPsyche Session

Use the link below to schedule a 60-minute StarPsyche Session.
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StarPsyche Session

Use the link below to schedule a 120-minute StarPsyche Session.
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What is a StarPsyche Session

Every person comes into their own awareness and understanding in the time assigned to them: their growth is unique, incomparable to others. As they move closer to their completeness, many are called to reach out to guides, teachers, healers, and companions that will assist with their journey.

As one of these psychic influencers, I bring gifts into the equation to support my clients in a myriad of ways. Some of these are as follows:

  • Connecting with intuition, angelic and higher vibrational guides, and sacred space
  • Clearing away energy leeches, psychic vampires, and entities draining resources
  • Removing conflicting and harmful agreements, promises, and commitments
  • Healing soul wounds, physical disruptions, and chemical ailments due to energetic anomalies
  • Supporting healthier choices, manifesting better outcomes, and whole system communication
  • Influencing the energies at play in relationships and situations towards more positive outcomes
  • Through this work, many experience:

  • A deep sense of calm they have never had access to before
  • Clarity, awareness, openness, and acceptance of their divine self and who they are
  • Answers to long-held questions, beliefs, concerns, and hopes
  • Greater creativity, inspiration, and alignment with their purpose, passion, and desires
  • Better physical, chemical, or parasympathetic responses in their body: greater health stability
  • Connections with loved ones, ancestors, and other energetic support systems
  • This session work occurs on all levels at once: mental, chemical, physical, and energetic. It is deep and transformative.


  • Must be in a place of acceptance of who you are and where you want to go.
  • Must believe in the power of the mind and soul to work together in favor of your highest and greatest good.
  • Must have the desire to let go of what is not serving you any longer.
  • A belief in vibrational matching, energetic resonance, angels or other supportive energies will help support your work, but is not necessary.
  • All religions and belief systems are welcome with the caveat that you must have a healthy understanding of how these religions are just reflections of Universal Energy as the greater whole — meaning that one religion’s views are simply translated beliefs and not the only truth.


    Tues + Wed + Thur
    1 PM – 7 PM PST
    All work is preformed remotely via Zoom with client present. It is advised to find yourself in a safe space where you can comfortably be in a receptive state.


    We meet for our session virtually using Zoom. Please make sure you are in a private, safe space where you will not be interrupted for the duration of our session and that you have a stable internet connection. It is ideal to have water and tissue nearby, as each person processes this work in their own way.

    After Love

    Once you’ve experienced your energy session, it is requested that you take amazing care of yourself for the 7 days following, while your being adjusts to the work performed. It is recommended to revisit the session’s audio recording at least once during this time.

    Gift to a Friend

    Yes, you can absolutely give a StarPsyche Session to a friend. Please make sure this is exactly what your loved one wants to experience and that they are ready for things to significantly shift in their life.

     I recommend sending them to this page to learn about this gift and consider if this is truly right for them. When you purchase this gift for them, kindly forward the scheduling link and gift code to them, so they can schedule as soon as possible. Please understand that all session work is considered 100% confidential, which means only the person the work is being done for will receive the insight for the session. All gift certificates expire after 180 days.