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Ruby Rayne has helped me beyond words and anything I imagined possible. She helped me release a HUGE weight following a very painful and difficult several months filled with loss, letdowns, and intense sadness. There was also a lot of negative and mentally/emotionally draining energy I picked up from others and allowed to pile on to the point that I was buried underneath it all. After only one session with Ruby, I slept beautifully and deeply, when I hadn’t slept well for months. I was so happy when I awakened the next morning and realized what happened. I felt at peace, and I could not put my finger on anything specific, which is a good thing, because it meant that I released a LOT overall. I didn’t even have much to say after our session, I was so enjoying the quiet that followed.

On top of how amazing Ruby is with the work she does, she is absolutely a ray of sunshine that would do well for anyone on a dark or difficult path, whether there is sadness, grief, pain, anger, resentment, and/or a need to get unstuck. Sometimes we look at our lives and see all of the good in it, yet we don’t know why we can’t shake the weight of feeling low and having a negative outlook. This is where Ruby comes in, and her smile, her kindness, her love, and her true concern for people shines through. The clutter gets cleared, the weight lifted, and we can appreciate the lightness, the bounce in our steps, and the ability to see things in a whole new, beautiful light. Ruby’s energy is amazing, she is a true healer, and I felt instantly connected with her from the beginning of our session.

There are things Ruby taught me to do when I get overwhelmed or have difficulties and inner pain, and I have put that into practice, and it has helped me immensely. I have always been one to have so much anxiety that I would take quick, short breaths. I am finally learning to close my eyes, breathe slowly and deeply into myself, and even use my breath to push some love and healing power to areas that are experiencing pain, and I am able to gain some relief. Thank you so much for this gift, Ruby! You are rare, and you are brilliant!

Merritt Knize

Esthetician, CEO

Very relaxing clarifying experience. Wonderful experience to help bring about mental and physical balance back into your life. I look forward to sharing with friends!

T'Chani Hill

Social Media Marketing Specialist

The synchronistic timing of reconnecting with Ruby is everything wonderful and amazing.

I have been on a growth crusade and her intuitive, empathic, straight forward approach, combined with her arsenal of tools has helped me move the mountains blocking my success road. It’s the profound and perfect compliment to the coaching I was already receiving.

If you’re ready to turn your mountains into clear roadways, Ruby is your gal. Put on your seat belt and get ready for action!

Amy Woidtke, BA

Entrepreneur, CEO

Ruby helped me prioritize my career goals in one intense session. I was then able to translate that into my resume and obtain a position that completely satisfied what I desired to wake up to every day. I am thankful that I didn’t let my skepticism win out over what was ultimately the best for me.

Antonio Blancato

Automotive Assistant Manager

Ruby helped me with Clearing out Stuck Energy with intuitive card reading and guided visualization — all over Zoom, no less! She really helped put me at ease and I was able to refocus on what was truly important!

Laura Cameron

Artist, CEO

I very much enjoyed my clearing session with Ruby. I didn’t really know what to expect, but as she got started the whole experience unfolded quite naturally. My most immediate impression was how quickly she hit every nail on the head, and by the end of the session I was in a much better place than I had been for quite some time. It was a genuinely cathartic hour.

To add more, it’s been a week later and I continue to find value in my session with Ruby. As of the day prior, I had been consistently frustrated trying to find a steady job for over a year, and had been told after my last interview that they were too busy (understaffed?) to make a decision for at least a week. The next morning they called and offered me the job if I could come in right away. I have been happily employed full-time since.

I have been able to make meaningful progress on many fronts, and I have to credit Ruby for helping me see how to make all of that easier.

Thank you Ruby, you’re one of the good ones!

Jasper Nielson

Software Engineer

Ruby Rayne has been a consultant and advisor to me. She is aware, intelligent, intuitive and wise. She has the capacity and capability to tune in, tap in, and, express with considerable skill, what she discerns. Her connections with me have resonated, and her guidance has proven valuable.

Brenda Miller, CPC

Radical Awareness Coach

I had a very brief “clearing” with Ruby in a small group session. The results were immediate and substantial. I can’t wait to experience the positive results to come, once we are able to do a full one on one session.

Natha Thompson


I feel lighter and better beginning with the very first session. Ruby is warm, open, empathetic, kind, and brilliant. She listens with intensity and responds with directive compassion, and I couldn’t ask for a better guide. I am so grateful, and definitely strongly recommend Ruby to anyone looking for help and clarity with life and relationships.

Dani Northouse


Ruby is a smooth operator! What I mean by that is that she is sooo in tune that I barely notice I”m in a session as she glides into my space, cooks up a plan, and starts the healing before I am even contemplating how she’s doing it! I love working with Ruby for her gentle and yet honest way of guiding me to what I most need to hear, see or be with. Thanks to Ruby I’m more empowered to move toward my pain, scarcity or heart break so I can move on! (we giggle quite a bit, too!)

Isabelle Davis

CEO, Producer, Reiki Practitioner

At the time of writing this, Ruby and I had met a week ago for our first session.

During this session she used a visualization exercise to get my energy back, to have closure with past events, people, and emotions. The exercise is so simple. I have been doing it on my own for only two minutes each night before falling asleep, as well as randomly throughout the day.

In the past 5 days, since the introduction to this exercise, I have been able to free myself from so many emotional attachments that I carried for over 30 years. I feel more empowered, more light, more free, than I have in a long time. The emotional space and the energy I have regained are remarkable.

We all hear about the tools and exercises that help us deal with life and make us feel great. This one is so easy, and so accessible, it takes very little time, very little effort, and provides instant, measurable relief.

Please do yourself a favor and work with Ruby. She is as professional as she is fun. You are guaranteed a great outcome. Talk to her. Be free. Be healthy. Be happy.

Victoria Petrosyan

Founder, Vica Yoga