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As life gets more complex, it becomes clear that the disconnect between our minds and bodies has grown to be quite significant. We have automated as much of our existence — our sensing and feeling — as we can to our own detriment. This survival strategy keeps us producing, but also keeps us in a constant struggle, state of deprivation, and feeling completely unsatisfied in these lives we work so hard to simply maintain. We constantly stare into the mirror at dreams left unfulfilled, bills needing to be paid, and exhaustion keeping us from truly enjoying the gifts that life has to offer.

I’m here to help you change all of that. I want to show you a way to not only feel empowered, but take control of what you have power over: yourself, your mindset, your energy, and your infinite ability to create. Once you connect with your core self, you are transformed through the awareness of what you are, what is at your command, and how life is here to partner with you on your path. With an open mind and heart, you will receive insight into events and situations that you can use to your advantage as you move through life. Things will start to come into alignment as you take ownership of just how great your effect is on the world around you. You will begin to live, breathe, and be the person you were destined to become.

The journey starts here.

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Trusted Advisor

Sacred and divine is the connection between us. We use this space in confidence to alter the course of our lives for the better. Once the negative agreements are cleared out, positive outcomes are able to occur.

Borderless Support

Energetic change can occur no matter where we are physically. Clients all over the world who desire spiritual growth and positive change in their lives find it through this work.

Session Recordings

Remind your soul of its new agreements and direction. Unlock additional support through recorded audio for future replay via Zoom included in every session.

Ruby continues to be a centering voice in my life. She can “check in” quickly and gets straight to the root of the issue or matter, while making sure to have my permission before doing so and without making me feel anxious. She is patient when needed and doesn’t throw a bunch of information at me so fast that I cannot process it, and even records her sessions in case you need to refer back to it. Working with her is legit; no gimmick, no schtick, just straight truth.

Erica Anthony-Benavides

Escalada Education Co.

I had such an amazing and wonderful session with Ruby. She is truly talented with her gifts. She was able to get straight to the issues/blockages with me and painted a very clear visual that felt accurate for what I was feeling and seeing in my mind. It was almost like she had a clear image into my thoughts and mind and she helped guide me through the things I needed to and wanted to work on. I frequently use the tools she provided me with and am beyond thankful for her and her ability to help others the way she does.

Valen Bishop

Model + World Explorer

Ruby is extraordinarily gifted with her ability to channel information for business as well as personal needs. Her sparkling personality makes her a delight to work with and shows in everything she creates through her divine wisdom. She has taken Aries Holistics places we hadn’t realized we could go. She is able to bring out in you those potentials dwelling deep in the reservoirs of your subconscious. We at Aries Holistics feel truly blessed to be able to work with her and her intuitive nature. We are excited to have her on our team.

Valerie Leuchtmann

Aries Holistics

Changing your life can be amazing with the right support.

Ruby is incredible! She can structure your own thinking in a way that will leave you wondering why you couldn’t come up with it on your own. When the overall picture is dark and murky, she can clarify and bring out the necessary details into the light. It really does not matter how skeptical you are and what you choose to call the process – Ruby definitely delivers and exceeds expectations.

Martyn Skorkin

Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Ruby is the real thing. I did an energy session with her and, seriously, within a couple hours, some of the problems I was having resolved themselves. I felt better. I highly, highly recommend her. Get your session today! She’s also a talented writer, photographer, web developer, and graphic designer by the way! Amazing!

Emily Gibson Bennett

Voila! Consulting

Ruby saw right to the heart of the issues that were holding me back. She was gentle in her assessments, but also firm when I tried to wriggle around some of the pain points that I needed to face. Part business coach, part kickass intuitive, Ruby packs a lot of powerful insight into every session. Very grateful that we crossed paths. I only wish I’d started working with her sooner!

Matthew O'Brien

The Varsity Witch