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The Art of Psychic Influence

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What is an Energy Love Bomb

Through a channeled divination session, have trauma, negativity, and repetitive patterning cleared away from your energy. You will also be gifted a full complement of love, confidence, awareness, strength, healing, and support. This work is pure magic and the immediate results are incredible.

People from all walks of life are seeking out this type of support: mothers, scientists, engineers, real estate investors, and creative souls alike are gaining the benefits of Energy Love Bomb work. On top of that, other intuitive coaches and energy workers are themselves experiencing the benefits of this channeled form of energetic support.

So why wouldn’t you want to get a taste of the best gift you can give yourself right now? A gift that will literally change your outcomes from negative to positive in a matter of days, if not merely hours!

What you can experience from this work: Completely clear away old cycles of failure, depression, and heartbreak. Invite more money into your pockets, more wealth into your work, and more kindness into your life. Receive more love in your relationships with others, deepen romantic connections, and inspire positive responses from those you treasure. Finally feel relief from old traumas, missed opportunities, and disappointments — and avoid recreating them in the future!

Every weekend, I prepare my space to channel the energy of the divine. This calling in of resources creates a powerhouse of possibility. Each client’s request is specifically addressed, one by one, in this work. All influence is permission-based and I clear out, heal, align, and guide what is allowed to be altered for each individual. This work is beautiful and intense.

I do this work because I believe that everyone deserves to live in the present moment: free from trauma and in a state of clear-minded focus. This enables them to not only benefit their own life, but benefit the lives of everyone they meet. This work allows my clients to free themselves from pain and move into the presence of positive experiences that have been waiting to receive them. The results are unbelievable at times!

Yes, this work could easily retail for thousands per individualized session, but how cruel is it to consciously be required to put a price tag on the gift of love and support? Because this work is so deep and meaningful to me, I greatly enjoy sharing it with others. In working with the flow of energy, there must be reciprocity. I tuned into my soul and found the amount that would meet this exchange in a healthy way. The price is affordable, so that anyone who is in need of support can get it. And, if anyone is in need of on-going support, it is easily worked into the budget.

All of this to say that what we perceive as a miracle is possible. I want to share what I was gifted with anyone who is open to receiving the possibility of real energetic change in their lives for the better. This is my gift to the world.


Sunday Evenings
11 PM – 2 AM PST
All work is preformed remotely without clients present. It is advised to find yourself asleep at this time to be in a more receptive state.


Inclusion is simple: if you secure your spot by purchasing an Energy Love Bomb before 10 PM PST on Sunday each week, you will be included in that week’s energy session.


You do not need to be present for the work, but you do need to provide full permission for it. This can be done by simply allowing your heart and mind to be open to the energy present for you.

After Love

Once you’ve received your energy gift and message, it is requested that you take amazing care of yourself for the 7 days following, while your being adjusts to the work performed.

Gift to a Friend

Yes, you can absolutely give an Energy Love Bomb to a friend. Since this work is permission-based, your friend must agree to the gift in order to receive its benefits. This is simply their awareness agreeing to the exchange.

 I recommend sending them to this page to learn about this gift and use the meditations below to prepare. When you purchase this gift for them, please include their full name and email address in the notes section and let me know this being gifted to them. This information helps me know who to channel and connect with. I will reach out to them before the next energy session to gain insight into what they want to clear out of their way. Please understand that all session work is considered 100% confidential, which means only the person the work is being done for will receive the insight for the session.

Guided Meditations for Energy Love Bomb Work

Though not necessary to receive your positive energetic outcomes, these audio files are provided to help prepare your whole system to be open and receptive to the work. They can help to create greater allowance and integration before, during, and after the session. You may download these tracks by clicking on the icon next to their names.


You are receiving a love bomb: this is an energetic message sent to your body, your mind and energy field, remotely, with all of your highest and greatest good set in the intentions. As your service provider, I, Ruby Rayne, will connect with my angelic realm (my energy and spirit guides) and I will have them connect with yours (your angels, your team of support) around your soul, your path, and your highest vibrational outcome in this lifetime. This is a guided meditation in preparation of receiving this gift. So, feel free to sit or lay down in a quiet space: somewhere that is built to support you through this momentary journey. When you are ready, take a deep breath. Settle into your space, settle into your mind, and then settle into your body by following the breath all the way down. Feel what it is like to breath in and fill your lungs with love. Whatever that looks like, whatever that feels like, there is no wrong answer. Just envision breathing in love. Allowing yourself to connect with that energy. You may see a swirling warm light. You may just get a feeling of floating. Maybe you are getting a feeling of grounded-ness, also, as you connect with love, and your body, and your energy. Take another deep breath and exhale. Allow yourself to connect deeply, meaningfully, with all that you are. Allow yourself to feel the relaxation that comes from this process of simply breathing and being alive. The calmness of this moment enveloping you: providing a safe space for you. Now see yourself walking, in your mind’s eye, up to a door. Perhaps the door is old and the framework speaks to generations upon generations who have walked through this door before you. The door feels strong and it feels like it will be standing for an eternity. When you are ready, I want you to call upon your angelic guides: those energies that are present for your highest and greatest good — those energies that here to secure your fate, your destiny, your path and support you along that journey. Now take another deep breath, connecting with their energy, moving through the door, through the pathway. Opening up your energy to receive a gift of love. A promise of something better. And the healing that comes along with this energetic love bomb. When you are ready: open your eyes, return to the room, and just breathe in, breathe out, and be ready to receive.

Guided Meditation #1

This guided meditation will help open up your energy to receive the work being performed on your behalf with your full permission. This track has a subtle ending with music in order to keep your awareness in a state of flow.


Now that you’ve received your energetic love bomb, this is a meditation to complete the healing process, to tie up any loose ends, cut any cords or connections that may be remaining, and allow you to fully move into your new present moment. So, just take a deep breath, get comfortable, exhale, and unwind. Take another deep breath. Call in your angelic guides and the energies that are present for you for your highest and greatest good — the ones that are with you, protecting you, and encouraging you through this process. Once you feel their presence, you can perhaps see an associated color or feeling to let you know that they are there. We are just going to take a moment to breathe and see a healing light coming into your space: maybe it’s green or blue or gold or maybe it’s a different color — there is no wrong answer. Allow yourself to feel that healing light surround you, envelope you, and touch every fiber of you: your energy, your mind, your heart, your breath, your physical body. Allow it to flood in and fill up. If there are any cords [energetic bonds] connecting you to situations or circumstances, anything that may negative or anything that may be holding you back, anything that may just feel like it’s an obstacle. I want you to see before you a beautiful sword of light. I want you to pick up the sword and set your intention: that you are clearing up any of these connections, you are removing them from your energetic field, you are letting those situations go, and you are giving them up to a higher power, to a better outcome. As you cut those cords, you feel lighter and lighter, freer and freer. You sense the mood inside of your skin has changed. Your breathing becomes easier, more fluid, and relaxed. Continue cutting the cords until none of them remain. Say any goodbyes that you need to say and set those cords adrift far away from you — see them moving off into the distance, disappearing from view. Breathe. Breathe a sigh of relief. Breathe out love, breathe in love. Breathe out healing, breathe in healing. Now fill up the space that any of those cords have left — any spaces that need to be filled — with healing and with love. See that, feel that, be one with that. Say to yourself and to all that is bearing witness for you right now: I accept this gift of love and healing. I step into my purpose, my power, and I am present to my next new moment. I move forward with compassion for myself and others. I allow wisdom and experience to soften all that I am with love, with understanding, with awareness. I am fully present. Now take another deep breath and see yourself closing up all of that space with that love and that healing. Feel it from the tip of your head, to the tips of your fingers, to the tips of your toes. And when you are ready, thank yourself and your guides for showing up. Take another deep breath and you are going to rise back into your consciousness here in this timeline, here in this body, in this existence. With every breath you are moving back into this world of being and you are waking up back to this life with the awareness that everything is moving exactly how it should… Rise and shine.

Guided Meditation #2

This guided meditation will help secure your energy after receiving the work. Please note that this track has an abrupt ending to jar the senses forward to bring you into the present moment.