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Transformational Coaching involves helping my clients better themselves and their lives by bringing about necessary change. This work focuses on changing perception of self-image, releasing and healing from traumatic experiences, and altering beliefs around the Self and limitations.
Rise Above

StarPsyche Session

Experience a deep sense of calm, clear away obstacles, reconnect with purpose, and move forward towards positive outcomes. This session work occurs on all levels at once: mental, chemical, physical, and energetic. With immediate, long-lasting, tangible results, this work is deep and transformative.
Accept Positive Change

Energy Love Bomb

Through a channeled divination session, have trauma, negativity, and repetitive patterning cleared away from your energy. You will also be gifted a full complement of love, confidence, awareness, strength, healing, and support. This work is pure magic and the immediate results are incredible.
Receive Universal Love

Do you struggle with relationships, anxiety, unexplained mood shifts, health, or career? Have you tried changing your diet, attitude, or seeking out a variety of healing modalities to end up only slightly better than you started off? I know how you feel, and I can help. After 20 years of active research, experiencing/testing hundreds of modalities, and developing my intuitive gifts, I have been able to change major areas of my own life and I have also helped my clients to incredible, verifiable results in their lives. If you want to tune into your intuition, get answers, and shift your life towards the dreams you want, then meet me in Seattle and get your answers!

Sun, Nov 4 @ 12 PM – 5 PM
Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

Ballard, Seattle, Washington
Address provided in scheduling confirmation email.

Varies between $60 – $150 USD
Choose your reading type using the scheduler.

Book ASAP to reserve your session.

Host An Intuitive Reading Party

  • Anywhere in the world via Zoom virtual meeting room.
  • Minimum of 5 paid attendees to create a party.
  • Up to 20 people can attend the gathering.
  • Intuitive Readings are $60. One per attendee.
  • The Host’s intuitive reading is FREE (Value of $60 USD).
  • Schedule a FREE Discovery Session for details.

Sacred Rose Oracle Deck

This beautiful and dark deck features a deeper look into the workings of the psyche and the energies that conspire for and against us.

Visit Sacred Deck