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You’ve Seen Things, Right?

Ok, let’s see if we are on the same page and if this is your moment. You see things, hear things, or feel things that you can’t explain. These things may simultaneously scare and excite you. You aren’t exactly sure where the information is coming from, yet you are curious to know more. You may have the “Why Me?!” feeling. Are we on the same wavelength?

You found my website for a reason. You are ready to learn more. You want answers. You want to know what it all means and why it’s happening to you. At a young age, this was the same place I found myself in, as spirits, events, and information clouded my days. I was afraid and curious. I was uncertain what it all meant. I felt drawn to it and, yet, completely out of my element. It took me decades to hone my gifts. And, now, I help others do the same.

Sacred Rose Oracle Deck

This beautiful and dark deck features a deeper look into the workings of the psyche and the energies that conspire for and against us. With 9 different aspects per card, this 50 Card Oracle Deck will speak to each unique inquiry with depth and precision. The guidebook provides wisdom around each card, how to set the intention of the request, and also includes recommended spreads to gain the practitioner the most insight into the query made.

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Ruby saw right to the heart of the issues that were holding me back. She was gentle in her assessments, but also firm when I tried to wriggle around some of the pain points that I needed to face. Part business coach, part kickass intuitive, Ruby packs a lot of powerful insight into every session. Very grateful that we crossed paths. I only wish I’d started working with her sooner!

Matthew O'Brien

The Varsity Witch

Ruby is the real thing. I did an energy session with her and, seriously, within a couple hours, some of the problems I was having resolved themselves. I felt better. I highly, highly recommend her. Get your session today! She’s also a talented writer, photographer, web developer, and graphic designer by the way! Amazing!

Emily Gibson Bennett

Voila! Consulting

Ruby is incredible! She can structure your own thinking in a way that will leave you wondering why you couldn’t come up with it on your own. When the overall picture is dark and murky, she can clarify and bring out the necessary details into the light. It really does not matter how skeptical you are and what you choose to call the process – Ruby definitely delivers and exceeds expectations.

Martyn Skorkin

Lifestyle and Wellness Coach


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